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blog advertising through social media network

The main reason most bloggers never build significant blog traffic and never gain significant blog profit, is because they never focus on blog marketing. Over time, I learned that in order for me to make money online, I have to be consistent in writing good content, as well as be consistent in marketing my blog.


A blog network advertising through your social media network can be most helpful in driving traffic back to your blog. You should learn how to market your work and not just write good content. I know it is hard work.


To build a successful blog, you have to write good content, and market your blog through your social media network. With your well-researched blog posts, you are able to bring in more readers and stimulate sharing.


This magic trick will eventually bring in traffic from the search engines. This evergreen content provides value and can be repurposed later into digital products they can download. Just make sure your content stays relevant over time. That is what we call as evergreen content.


grow your business, market your blog


How do you write an evergreen content?

Create a significant resource in an article series where the content or each post connects to the next. You can use the article series guide as an email course and send people to each article after they sign up for your email list.


This significant key resource is an incentive to obtaining higher traffic. Understand that blog marketing is about communication.


Build communication channels and find a way to bring them back to your blog. I must warn you. Building these communication channels are time consuming but do drive people back to your blog.


Keep in mind that whatever you do that engages people, even though it takes more time and effort, can be generally better in rewarding you with traffic!




Further Reading

How To Engage In Social Media And Bring Traffic Back To Your Blog?




One way is to create a video or live video stream to stand out on Facebook or Google Plus. Attention is the force that powers blogs. You have to get their attention to power your blog.


Your audience with their word of mouth advertising is your best source of traffic. They can help you spread your content through social media or talk about your blog to a friend.


It is always hardest when you first start. Build your audience step by step. Slowly climb the ladder, until you hit a big break.

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