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Generate Leads And Earn Money From Your Blog


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Simply because someone has expressed a modicum of interest in your product or your company does not mean that person or that company is ready, willing, or able to buy. The process of generating leads from your blog is fairly straightforward.


Maximizing lead generation is a matter of style and creativity. Lead generation involves identifying prospective customers and motivating prospects to raise their hands.


Generating leads through blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more can be overwhelming. However, there is nothing to optimize unless the marketing team has created and distributed interesting and engaging content.


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To maximize the results of lead generation offers and call to action, you may use content marketing and deliver quantifiable results. Leads are the lifeblood and success metric for every B2B marketer.


Generating leads from your blog starts with the three core elements of the offer, call to action, and landing page. Why landing pages? Traditionally, landing pages do not have any site navigation and have only one goal – lead generation.


Landing pages are pages of a business website that contain a form into which visitors can submit information in exchange for an offer. The conversion rate of a landing page is the percentage of visitors who complete and submit the form on the page divided by the total number of visitors to that page.


Landing pages are about action. The most important aspect of the entire page is that it clearly directs the visitor to take an action. For B2B companies that action is to fill out a form in exchange for an offer.


When creating a landing page, the key is simplicity. Part of creating simplicity on landing pages is removing options for the user.


This time, going naked refers to removing the navigation of the website from the page in an effort to remove choices and improve clarity for the visitor. Providing too many choices is a bad thing.


The more choices you include on a landing page, the higher the likelihood that the site visitor will do nothing and simply leave the page without becoming a lead.


Minimize the form length. Reducing friction is key to increasing conversion rates. It is about removing any barriers that can stop a visitor from taking the desired action.


One of the simplest ways to reduce friction is to reduce the number of fields on a platform. It is an elegant dance between maximizing leads and providing sales with the information they need.


Think like a publisher and create a compelling offer with great copywriting skills. Maximize page views and advertisement clicks. Your content information drives click through rates and maximize business results.




Tips in creating better sales conversion

  1. Create your content regularly
  2. Consistently share
  3. Dedicated monitoring
  4. Prioritized engagement



The B2B lead generation starts with the landing page. A landing page with a crafted content provides a customized sales pitch for the prospects, works to engage the visitor, and sports a better conversion rate.


The idea is to provide the visitors what they want and in the process, create a captive audience. It is not advisable to just dump your visitors into the homepage with navigation.


The user experience they have on the landing page is very much different from the user experience they have in a plain website. Targeted landing pages allow people to sign up, register, or click for a specific sponsor link or banner ad.


The goal of the landing page is to guide people to take a specific call to action or transaction. B2B social media marketing landing pages can help you work smarter instead of harder.


The content creating and content sharing strategies can help reduce the marketing expense while increasing the lead volume. This provides a clear and measurable return on investment.


Today’s trend is all about relationship based sales and understanding the user experience on your landing page. Your landing page is very critical to turning your visitors into customers. The relationship sphere naturally lies on the concept of customer lifetime value, which impacts your online marketing and branding strategies.



With content centric and social signal based changes to search engine algorithms, the success of digital marketing campaigns now relies heavily on content more than ever. Your content should be geared on generating the appropriate responses from the target audience that will eventually generate leads or even sales for you.


If you have not realized this yet, your blog can be one of your most powerful digital marketing tools that can deliver tons of high quality leads for your business.


A blog can put your brand on a better position as well as drive greater visibility for all targeted audiences to see. With all these lead generation benefits, it’s high time you start learning how to harness the power of your blog for generating leads.


A page that creates leads is content that fosters confidence in buyers. How do you raise their confidence and change the way they think about you?


Blogging can be an effective lead generation strategy, if done correctly. Recent statistics show that B2B marketers that use blogs received 67% more leads than those who do not. In addition, they are more likely to enjoy 13x positive ROI.


All you have to do is blog from your business website. This can be a subdomain or a subdirectory of your main business domain.


Blogging from your business website helps drive traffic to your product/ service page, convert the traffic into leads, and ultimately drive long term results.


Think long term when creating your most important asset – your content! Can the content you created today still show up in search results five years from now? Or are you putting up a subnormal body of words that Google will kick out in five months time?


An evergreen content can drive steady traffic, generate consistent leads, and produce regular conversion for a long time. Create something that adds value and something that both humans and search engines love.


The quality of your blog posts reflects the quality of leads you generate from your blog. Successful content marketing depends on the content quality.


Invest your time, money, and resources in truly valuable content. Market your blog like it’s the only thing that matters.


You may have the best content ever, but if nobody knows that the content is there on your blog, of course nobody will go there to read it.




How to make your blog stand out?

Reach your customers at the precise moment when they are ready to buy the product or service you are offering. This may require some market study and campaign optimization.


Timing is of the essence when you show them the offer. How you show the offer matters a lot on many audience. Add some fuel to your blog and reach them with the help of images, videos, slideshares, or infographics.


Have a solid conversion strategy. Strategically place well written calls to action on your blog and business website. Systematically integrate your services into your blog articles.


Lead generation is the art of amplifying your marketing channels and integrating them to generate more action. However, the channels and the strategy can either accelerate or extinguish your marketing efforts.


A reliable conversion strategy is the tipping point between an ordinary visitor becoming interested in what you sell. Without a solid conversion strategy in place, your whole blogging for leads endeavor may not produce as much results as you’d expect.


Want to generate serious leads from your blog without being serious? You can’t be serious!


Analyze your blog often and make improvement where necessary. Make your blog the hub. A sense of personal touch with awesome actionable tips tend to do great in making your site a great place to visit on planet internet.


As anyone can set up a blog and publish information today, you should start digging for nice, remarkable stories that will suit your brand. Being a great writer is not enough.


Telling great stories can help optimize marketing results, because emotional stories work pretty well in portraying yourself.




What makes it difficult to stand out?

It is true that being a stand out takes a lot of effort. All companies are fast becoming great writers, marketers, and publishers. It is important that you strategically organize your content so people will listen to you.


It is only when people listen to you that you get their attention. Getting their attention is essential for conversion. You can portray yourself as an expert and grab their attention through publication of meaningful, authoritative posts.


Your content can turn your ideas and discussions into actionable marketing activities. Leads are your lifeblood and if you do not know how to manipulate your discussions, you can never grow your business, because business is all about relationships.


Another factor to consider is your landing page. You drive leads to your landing page, which should contain a well thought offer, call to action, and super attractive image or video.


It should only be a one page offer with no site navigation so the visitors can focus on the offer. With only one focus and one call to action, the landing page can encourage the visitors to click on the CTA.


Leverage content and use your blog for online marketing. You can microblog and tweet in social media sites and direct them to your landing page for better lead generation.


Provide quality content with value to generate interest on your offer. It is important not to spam people. Make your tweets and status updates count or they will unfriend or block you.


You can encourage your connections to share your content. People will see the content, click the link, and head over to your blog, thus increasing your visitors’ traffic and leads.


How do you generate leads through content marketing? A prospect becomes interested to click a link from the article you promoted through the social media sites to your blog.


The main strategy is to deliver interesting content that can drive the sales funnel. The trick is to add value and effectively drive continuous interest on your offer.


Information is the cue. You provide information that helps attract leads through organic search. This can practically reduce your advertising cost.


An informative content can increase awareness and generate leads. The Pareto Principle of 80-20 rule should be a good start. This means 20% you and 80% others.


You just shared a tremendous amount of value that doesn’t center around your brand. This approach gains more confidence.


Are you struggling to generate leads for your business? Know that content is cash, leverage from it! Unleash the power of blogging for business lead generation.


No matter what your business model is, content is still king. Blogging is the primary avenue through which B2C and B2B marketers generate leads in various social media marketing channels.


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