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Me and my admin: How to stay track on your goals using virtual assistant?


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Me and my admin virtual assistant

Isn’t that good to hear? Looks like you and your admin have a very wonderful relationship. If you want to be a very successful businessman then mind your relationship with your admin. Your business ally begins within the organization and not outside.

Make your admin support you and you can go a long long way with your career goals. Stay on track and let your admin control your calendar. An effective admin always ask questions. The reason he ask questions is because he wants to know how to do his tasks correctly. It would be frustrating to do a task where your understanding is not complete. Your admin may be doing the best he can but is not effective because he does not know everything. Help him! He works for your success not his!

Do not let your admin guess or he will fail. And don’t expect too much when you haven’t done your coaching perfectly. Let your admin control your admin that simple. You need to delegate task properly and give him the proper authority to accomplish some things. Notice the changes when you do this. Feel less pressure and let him keep up the rhythm and the flow of your work. You never would want to be a one man band when you get those clients calling for your services and asking for their orders don’t you?

A virtual Assistant could make or unmake your career

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Do not ever think of underestimating the power of your virtual assistant. He can very well help you succeed. He had been serving many entrepreneurs and had all the experience to help you grow your business. What do you think makes some business entrepreneurs and virtual assistants relationships fail? It is the perception of most business entrepreneurs about people working under them, which underestimates the value of virtual assistants. Do not make them work for you just following orders. Observe the skills and the enthusiasm and then work WITH them. You will go far if you start to listen and work with them. You will see much difference in your relationships. That is part of leadership – listening skills!

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