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How Can Mobile Video Marketing Grow Your Blog?


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See how you are able to cope up with the fast changing landscape of digital marketing and learn about some effective ways in delivering the right customer experience so can earn money from your blog. How did the digital and mobile technology reshaped customer behavior and the relationship with brands? How do brands innovate their marketing, sales, and service functions to stay competitive in today’s world?


If you have a well rounded marketing strategy, you are going to reach potential customers through a variety of mediums, which includes creating a blog and creating a video. With the prevalence of mobile devices, paying more attention about how to use video marketing can be more beneficial to your online campaigns.


Traffic has always been the main goal of every business. If you want to succeed, should find ways to easily attract and convert visitors into loyal customers. When it comes to content, who is going to think twice about sharing an entertaining, informative, or heart touching video?


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Recently, mobile providers were placing unlimited internet access as part of their package to maintain their increasing 3G phone subscribers. As you may have noticed, there are unlimited FB access and sometimes WhatsApp or Twitter access in the Philippines.


This growing traffic has opened new opportunities and ways for business entrepreneurs in marketing out their products using mobile internet marketing. One of the benefits a video content can give you is to trigger social media sharing, especially if it is heart touching or very funny.


The share factor is an ultimate achievement of your marketing strategy. You would want your videos to be seen far and wide, in a world without borders, to boost search engine ranking, won’t you?


There are many websites that make it easy for you to post your videos, such as YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. By using these major social sites, you are making the discovery and share process infinitely quicker.


If the overall look of a page full of text, even if filled with useful information, makes the eyes glaze over because it is overwhelming, you may combine the embedded video accompanied with content to break up walls of text and as a result, continue to intrigue the viewers.



How a mobile video content can help you?

Videos can help you generate targeted traffic. It is the perfect tool you can use in engaging your audience. It can build your online presence and, as a result, you earn money from your blog.


Just think of this. Most people who are on their way home or on their way to their jobs find browsing with their phones a good way to ease the discomforts of a boring travel time.


Try setting up your mobile website, blog, and social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, and YouTube, you reach more people than you can ask for. You can create videos and draw people into your funnel.


To promote your brand, you need to create your voice and persona first. Who is the person behind the blog? The huge volume of traffic coming from mobile users can bring you a very stable and constant income stream online. So, go for it!


Good marketing requires a solid understanding of your value proposition, which you can very well do using video content. Learn how to create a content that is suited to your target audience.


Before YouTube opened its gates to free video publishing, hosting, creating, and sharing a video was very expensive. Today, everyone can do it using a phone camera and then directly upload everything to YouTube. On YouTube, anyone can be a potential audience member of your online video channel.



Video content marketing is more than just a trendy buzz phrase. This method is very effective in building your brand and in growing your business. This continually evolving form of marketing can achieve success for you and grow your followers in less time.


You can create a video content that would fit your target audience and work for your business. The process is very easy and cost effective.


Video streaming has been making at least 39% of all mobile traffic across the globe. It is most critical for your business that you learn to adapt to the trend and strategically leverage out of the content and the resulting conversations after viewing so you can boost your bottom line. has the highest number of visitors among the free video sites. You will generate more traffic from people who are looking for videos that give explanations about a product, an illness, a technology, or how to.


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