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Generating Profits Beyond The Search Engines


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How do you earn money from your blog? How well do you know your niche? What is your primary method in disseminating information and raising awareness about your brand or blog? How do you go beyond the sphere of the search engine optimization in raising the ROI?


There are several ways you can do to make money blogging online, but before you can earn a cent, you need to raise the popularity of your blog and encourage people to visit it repeatedly. One way to do this is through blog syndication.


If you are able to place it on multiple blog syndications, it goes and gets syndicated out into the world without borders, which may result in more traffic for you.


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Content syndication networks have come on strong in the past years. They are similar to ad networks like Google and Yahoo Bing, but they focus specifically on promoting other content like blog posts, articles, and other similar types of content.


You may have noticed at the bottom of an article saying Related Posts or Similar Articles Around The Web. Sometimes, they do have images, if none, it will be just plain text. There are a variety of different ways content syndication networks will show content.


The goal with this type of network is not to pass link juice, but refer traffic to your blog. The links won’t count towards SEO, but they will send traffic. Examples are the Taboola, SimpleReach, and the Zemanta.


Why do you syndicate your blog? While you try to publish an extremely useful content, there are times that you can’t just find the time to create amazing blog posts on a daily basis. This is where content syndication comes into play.


How exactly does content syndication work? Content syndication is when a post, article or any other piece of content from your blog is featured on a popular site that is relevant to your niche.




Over time, there is a chance that your article triggers some kind of human interest that gets picked up by the nationals or get your piece quoted on New York Times or CNN.


This kind of exposure can lead to bigger gigs and paychecks. Your blog is the local publication. The bigger newsroom can be like the Technorati before it changed, Mashable, TechCrunch, or ReadWriteWeb.


If you can get your content into their feeds, then it would be the sky is the limit to where you can go as a blogger. So, how do you get out there and what are the best options for you?


Here is the issue. Some people argue content syndication isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. They claim Google will penalize the duplicate content.


This may not be the case anymore, because there is a link directing the Google bots back to the site where the article was originally published.


Another concern is that the art of syndicating content may not drive traffic to the website, which should not be an issue, because, as discussed in the previous paragraph, the traffic is directed back to your site.


You may want to look into this art of driving traffic back to your site, because content syndication can truly increase traffic, expose you to a new audience, establish yourself as an expert, and improve your search rankings.


While this sounds great, just how do you begin syndicating your content? Review your goals and identify your target audience.


You may want to look at sites similar to SlideShare, WikiHow, HubPages, PaidContent, BlogBurst, Newstex, or SeekingAlpha. You gain more exposure from these established services and as a result, you will be able to increase traffic to your blog.




Just how do you earn money from your blog?

There are several ways to make money on your website, such as blending Google Adsense Ads with the content. You earn based on the clicks from the contextual ads being served on your site.


Selling your content for related niche’ product blog advertising is another source of income.


Selling your space for banner advertising is one of the most lucrative methods in website monetization. The most popular banner formats are the above the fold 728 x 90 leaderboard and the 120 x 600 skyscraper.


As a publisher, you need to have a large audience in order to attract advertisers. You need to spend time managing your content and other attractions such as promos or cheap deals.


You can accept sponsored reviews for branding and reputation building. There are sites where you can get advertisers for a paid review.


Joining the sponsored review marketplace allows you to write on a wide range of topic and get paid for your efforts. However, you need to choose advertisers whose projects/ topics are related to your niche.


Some websites give away a part of their content for free and then ask a minimal fee for access to the premium content and exclusive tools. A good example of this is the SEOMOZ. It won’t let you read the whole content.


Job boards are a good way to earn extra bucks from your blog. You can earn by placing an active and profitable job board related to your niche.


A good example of a blog that leverages on a job board is the Problogger. If you already have a decent amount of traffic, then you can create a job board.


Request for job listings will come naturally. A popular job software is the Job Thread, Simply Hired Job O Matic, or Web Scribble Job Board software.


You can sell or rent internal pages. The best model for this is the Million Dollar Wiki.


Audio ads are great money maker. The Net Audio Ads introduced the PPP or pay per play. However, you should understand that selling advertising on your site requires maximum exposure or you do not achieve your goals.


Joining affiliate programs and placing the ads or images on your site. Sell directly to your customers and earn from your existing visitors.


If you do not have a landing page, then you can make use of the Moniker site for free parking space. You can also sell your opt-in traffic or exit traffic with relevant products.


The trick is to provide high quality searchable blog content centered on a commercially viable industry. Optimized your content on high priced long tail keywords. Determine the best advertising that is selling with your kind of niche.




Here are more ways you can earn money from your blog

Dealer Programs

You add a customized webpage from a company to your site. With a dealer program, you have total control of the sale while the company does all the order processing and shipping.


There has to be an association of the type of information your site provides and the kind of products or services you are advertising.


Paid community membership or VIP registration/ subscription

Establish a community and offer paid memberships when you obtain a steady stream of traffic. The blog itself is still free.


A premium member can have access privilege to more in-depth articles and special features or tools. This creates a sense of exclusivity.


Just make sure you have a consistent flow of exclusive information to offer. The kind of information these members cannot find anywhere else. An example of this is the 5000bc, OnlineProfits, and the Copyblogger.


Price comparison

You can make money setting up a price comparison site. Most customers prefer to make price comparison or even read product reviews before buying anything on the web.



If you do things right, with a few projects or even one blog, it would be enough to finally quit your 8 to 5 day time job.


Display ads beside your images. This trick never misses. Your visitors get to see the ad when they look at the image.


Put small but relevant images next to your ads to attract attention to the ads. I am not sure if Google Adsense allows this method.


Only generate ads that interest your users. You do not want them to leave, do you?


Domain flipping

The last thing you can do is domain flipping where you perform keyword searches on a given topic and then register the domain name. You can sell the domain to the highest bidder or hire a website broker.



Writing an eBook or creating and selling courses is worth a try. You can think of DVD packages or downloadable MP3s. The easiest way is to sell something that you make.


This is a viable way to start generating profit as a result of who you become on your blog. Learn how to create a mobile website and increase your conversions.



Giving webinars and hangouts are hot right now. Leverage on it.




Reach more people

Always ensure you are offering high quality content on a consistent basis. Before you start on anything, attract some leads while you try to develop your money making plan.


You do not want to slack off and lose an opportunity of reaching more visitors because your content wasn’t up to par.


Make your syndicated content more visible. Promote and share your content on various social media platforms.


The best method for increasing traffic and exposure through syndicated content are Outbrain, Zemanta, SimpleReach, Taboola, nrelate, LinkWithin, Yarpp, Alltop, Igit, and Nster.


You can also use some social bookmarking sites, such as the Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. Users discover the content here and then visit your website.


Email it. If you have email subscribers, then you can easily send out a blog post to many readers. You can either include the entire post or just include a headline with a link back to your site, which is a better option to increase traffic.


Email marketing is the easiest way to earn from your website. You can promote and sell products or services from your email list.


Place a sign up box on your website and earn from sponsored email marketing. You can sell ad space on your mailing list.


Allowing businesses premium exposure via a sponsored link or banner of your mailing list helps you earn money without a sweat.


Track and follow up your leads based on behavior by creating a variety of follow up strategies. This entitles you the best chances of conversion.


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