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How Do You Monetize Your Blog?


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A blog with an engaging content is a great tool to engage your audience and make money blogging online. With a well-researched content meant to inform your readers, your blog can successfully draw users to your website from organic search and social media and as a result, can drive brand awareness and make a significant conversion of your readers into valuable customers.


A blog is a valuable money maker in its own right. It is a place where you can sell your services and products, or just simply sell ads to companies who are more than eager to reach your audience. Start your blog monetization by simply adding more value to your content.


Learn how to maximize your content. Your content can introduce new concepts and resources that are quite helpful to your readers when they are trying to get to a decision. However, your audience may expect to consume your content without paying for it.


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How do you earn from your blog considering that you pour considerable time and resources into writing your content? How do you monetize an audience who expects to get a free ride to your content? The only option is to sell advertising spaces alongside your content to relevant advertisers who are keen to reach your audience through your content.



Google Adsense

After six months of blogging, you can apply for the Google Adsense or similar platforms and start to make money from your blog. Turning your blog into a destination for ads is fairly simple – Sign Up!


The advertiser pays the network for the ads. The revenue is shared between you and the network. The largest share of the revenue actually goes to the publisher, which is you.


You put the code on your site and let it roll along with your content. There are times that the ad that pops out may not be relevant to your topic, that is because the Adsense based itself on the behavior of your visitors.


If that visitor has been looking for a virtual assistant Philippines, before he came to your website, then most likely he would be seeing Adsense ads for virtual assistants.


Google may use ad targeting tactics. There are targeting techniques that help advertisers reach the right audience. The contextual targeting allows advertisers to place ads on a web page based on the words and subject matter of that page. This runs similar to a keyword targeted search campaign.


Placement targeting allows advertisers to choose a number of specific sites for their advertising. This affords the advertiser more control over where their ads are shown.



Remarketing or personalized advertising lets advertisers target users based on their past browsing behavior. Since ads are tailored to the known interests of visitors, users may be more inclined to click.


Above the fold targeting guarantees an ad is viewable when the page loads. The users do not need to scroll down to view your ad. You may want to keep this in mind when you are placing your ad codes on your blog. This kind of targeting is usually suggested by Google Adsense.



Sponsored content

With the sponsored content, the advertiser buys a paid post that gets embedded with your original content. Ideally, the sponsored content blends well with your site.


Make sure you pick topics of interest. Use your blog analytics to see which of your published articles are most popular and build on those themes. Plan your content ahead.


By sponsoring a content, advertisers get to collect links by teaming with expert bloggers. The technique is known to create brand awareness besides driving targeted traffic to the advertiser’s site.


The best way to leverage over the competitors is through sponsored content. The adoption rates of the content are high and the bloggers are able to deliver the right content at the right people at the right time.


Where banner blindness is increasingly becoming a problem each year, sponsored content can be an edge for competition. Brands have been increasingly sponsoring content because of this problem. You can earn by writing good content so the advertisers can find you and pay you to write something about them.


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