Organic search engine optimization principle for creating unique quality content

By | June 28, 2012

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Written By Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines

The principle of quality content in organic search engine optimization refers to high quality content you create and publish on your site that is useful to your readers. You set up an information rich site and think of creative ways in how to present your topic that your readers may find attractive. The content and information found in your site is critical for attracting and holding your traffic including conversion. Remember, your readers are looking for something they need. If they cannot find it in your site, then they will go and never visit your website again. You need to be creative in your ezine article writing.

Here is one good example in how to strategically gain the interest of your audience. If you were selling cars, your visitors may want to obtain key information such as the make, brand, speed, interior, delivery times, prices, and availability. You may include all other basic information they may want to know when they are about to buy a car such as color. You need to update content regularly depending on the nature of your site. For examples, a news site needs more than just one update a day. A personal site may be updated when you feel necessary or in the mood to write a blog. An appliance site may be updated when there is a new item or change of price. Encyclopedia sites would likely remain unchanged but structured. What are we driving here? In SEO and website optimization, your content should support the tasks that your target users may want to complete. There are several ways to gather data for your audience. Although this may take time and lots of efforts, you are able to anticipate their requirements as you go perform your research.

In designing your site and laying out the format of your content, it is necessary to look at the natural organization of your information. In some aspects, it is better to have a broad structure than deep. You may want to divide a block of information into several pages or blog posts.