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Organic search engine optimization SERPS ranking using effective titles


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Creating attention grabbing eye catching titles in your article writing task is the key to obtaining maximum traffic and maintaining loyal readers for organic search engine optimization SERPS ranking. If the title creatively expresses the content of the article, then the visitors stay and browse more of your web pages. Organic search engine optimization could best use the simplest strategy of article writing to get higher SERPS positioning.

Maximum results using creative titles

Internet marketers call this as killer titles. These titles could make your visitors stay and click on your ads. Attention grabbing titles are crucial to the health of your site and content. They have the power to draw visitors and prevent them surfing away from your site.

What are killer titles?

Attention grabbing titles are usually use by internet marketers to give a small snapshot about the article. It literally describes the full value of the text in 5 to 6 words or even less. This is your one chance to catch the less than 10 seconds attention span of your visitors for lasting impressions. You should learn to create eye catching articles and headers in your article writing task for optimum organic search engine optimization.

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Eye catching titles for website optimization

You are able to generate hundreds or thousands of visitors by creating eye catching articles. Effective keyword rich titles could convert visitors into buyers or customers. You should create titles and learn to write articles that maximize traffic results and place you with higher search engine ranking.

Ideas on how to SEO and improve your article writing skills for higher organic search engine optimization page ranking and larger traffic:

  • Use benefit oriented eye catching titles and headers that could make your readers feel your article is useful
  • Do keyword research each time you write an article
  • Use keyword research tools for your keyword optimization, such as Google External Keyword Tool, Google Insight, Google Suggest, Yahoo Clues, Google Trends, Google Wonder Wheel, Google Timeline, and many other related free keyword search tools
  • Learn how to combine search terms and use long tail keywords for your anchor text and keyword optimization task
  • Do not use special characters within your text because this confuses the search engines and limits the possibility of traffic coming to your site

Capture the emotion

Speak to the emotion of your readers first before you speak to their intellect. This stimulates curiosity and catches their short attention span. It might be most helpful to make beneficial creative titles for good follow through and click through rates. How to SEO and create effective titles? Deliver it using bullet type technique and the right combination of search keywords. Imagine what your readers like to read and how to best summarize what they want in 3 to 4 words as a title. Remember, visitors do not read without a reason. They are looking for something that you need to identify and respond appropriately in your organic search engine optimization article writing strategy.


Best way to catch emotions

  • Use facts and figures
  • Good title, headings, and subheading using search keywords
  • Straightforward writing but conversational
  • Do not manipulate facts to selling

Be concise or lose your readers. This is the common mistake among SEO bloggers. Chop out unnecessary text. Tighten your copy and do not talk too much. Trim the fat, cut the bulges, and be keen in keeping the attention of your readers. Most of all, do not lose your readers by writing text with too many word count that you can say in one phrase.

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