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Organizational Change Management Assistance


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Most companies find it difficult to facilitate decisions because of the number of people involve in the decision making process. This will naturally slow down aggressive marketing campaign including production processes improvements. Things could happen a lot quicker if there are only few layers of management involve.

The complexities of the organization structure make it difficult to compete with the rapidly changing world. This needs proper restructuring of the people involve in the decision making process, leadership training, and creating programs that could motivate employees to support the organization and their leaders.

How do you create change? How do you structure change?

In the modern world, change sometimes comes unplanned. This means that people within the organization may welcome or ignore the change. A case study of each element for change and study of past efforts are good approaches to start your organizational change. In creating change, you need to consider the values of the stakeholders, the employees, and the customers. Please be aware that any change in your organization affects your customers.

Why organizational change affects customers?

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Implementing change would mean interfering the culture and practices of the organization. In an organizational system, change would affect decision making and planning. Although organizations tend to implement change whether people within and those supporting the organization like it or not, the outcomes greatly affect profits. Even though the changes were intended to raise productivity and organizational efficiency, the change still affects the dynamics of the work group and their level of interaction. If people tend to resist change, then it is better to understand first how an organization work and interact with each other.

Organizational change and virtual assistant

The virtual assistant could greatly help in any organizational change. First, let your virtual assistant perform some research from valid resources about organizational change management. You cannot implement impromptu change without considering the consequence or benefits. Timing is crucial to change. Perform research first without giving hint to the organization that you are planning change. Hire a virtual assistant to help you with this task and any other task that you are planning to outsource. Experiment and measure the benefits and consequences in dollars.

Why do you need organizational change?

Your sales trends and income statement reflect the decisions you made on your businesses’ day-to-day challenges. Change of management makes sense when you see under performance, high-risk operations, investing problems, low rate of returns on investments, and some issues concerning corporate thinking. These problems do not exclude government regulations and other politically related policies. If you feel that the rate of change of your business environment outpaces your organization’s ability to cope up with the pace of change, then you need to seek the help of business consulting services to dramatically change strategies, systems, and structures. You specifically need to consider your present customer and potential customer reactions about the change.

How do you measure reaction?

Hire a PhD and MBA dissertation writer as a virtual assistant. Choose someone with knowledge about business marketing strategy, change management, and organizational leadership who could help you with your organizational structure reengineering and business plan. This entails long phase and stages of research. Make sure you are in the same level with your virtual assistant on certain aspects of the research to ensure success.

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