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Parameters of admin relationship: What is the role of your virtual assistant for you?


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There is one thing I can say to this: If you can’t delegate then there is no reason having an admin virtual assistant.

People don’t feel comfortable exposing their selves to their admin virtual assistant. Their work, their emails and communications, and personal notes shall be seen and read by their admin. There is no point hiring an admin when one does not feel safe and sees admin as risks to profession, business, or career. Admin is a resource given by the organization to make you more effective in your task. I guess you need to separate personal emails from corporate emails this time.

Create another ID for your personal email. Gmail is best but Yahoo is also free. There are other email providers you may purchase an email account too or purchase one at Godaddy and then use the domain for your free online photo filer or photo storage while you make use of the free email that comes with the package for the price of $7 to $10 a year depending on your promo code. This is cheap considering your privacy right?

There is nothing wrong in driving yourself to be a better executive or business entrepreneur. Try to ignore the combination of things you usually do and leave it to your admin virtual assistant to manage. There is no management guidebook when handling delegation. It is all up to you but you should not be spending 90% of your time reading on mails. Let your virtual assistant filter it for you!

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Free yourself from your beliefs

Be effective, set yourself free from your beliefs! The most powerful tool in being an effective executive is the power of beliefs. However, if this belief is draining out your energy and your resources, then it is time you step to change. Your beliefs and how you perceive life can bind you or free you from being an effective executive. Most of the time, you affect your working relationship with your admin virtual assistant thinking that way. Regardless of the money or status you may have, you need to change certain beliefs and thinking if you want to become more powerful and effective in life.

Your outlook in life influences your actions and the way you deal with your virtual employee. Beliefs could be binding blocks to breaking walls between you and your admin. Let your virtual assistant support you by breaking the walls and changing your beliefs or perceptions that might be deterring progress. Beliefs and perceptions have the power to help or hurt you. Choose – which way do you want to go?

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