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SEO 101: Build quality backlinks through blog advertising | Blog And Earn
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SEO 101: Build quality backlinks through blog advertising


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Blog advertising is the best way to obtain quality article backlinks to be more effective with your organic search engine optimization. Your visitors will increase as you start to submit articles to several blog sites with the appropriate anchor text and link back to your site. This technique increases your quality article backlinks as well as increases your internet presence.

Bloggers and blog advertising

Blog advertising could make you rich if you are patient enough to write and perform consistent blog monetization efforts. Blog monetization, just like website optimization, requires patience, time, effort, and money. This technique requires dedication in finding out the best monetization opportunities that could best suit your niche topic, leverage your audience, and drive income from your traffic patterns. If you have enough patience and persistence, you would be able to derive more than pocket change.

Mix of ads and advertisers

Most bloggers were successful enough to find the right mix of ads and payment models for their blogs. However, this finding process requires a lot of trial and errors. Do not be afraid to try new opportunities and programs. This will help you meet your goals. Blog advertising opportunities also give different instructions or technical requirements in integrating ads on your site. Some may affect your blog negatively such as loading of the pages. This negatively affects user experience and may cause your viewers to leave your site.

Contextual blog advertising

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This is the most common type of online advertising that most bloggers prefer in order to derive some income from their sites. Contextual ads are easy and flexible to implement. Contextual ads are text, video ads, or images that are being displayed on your blog based on the content of the page. The ads match the content or are contextually relevant to your content. They are usually PPC models.

Eaine article writing for contextual blog advertising

The best way to increase your income is to write highly focused content. It is important that you spend time and more efforts growing your blog. The larger targeted audience you have, the higher would be your potential to derive income from your blog. Besides, advertisers pay more for exposure to highly targeted audience. Learn how to choose keywords that match their chosen keywords. Article writing with the best keywords in mind will help you boost your income, grow your traffic, and attract advertisers.

Please note that bloggers who usually write topics or articles using popular keywords that advertisers often bid are most likely to earn more than those who write articles with less popular keywords. Sometimes, it is important to focus on popular keywords in order to earn more from blog advertising than less popular keywords. This would mean defining your goals at the start of your blogging efforts to obtain some direction on what keywords to use. The best strategy for SEO ezine article writing is to focus on highly targeted less popular keywords. This could attract advertisers who are looking to promote products on your particular blog’s niche audience. This means that your audience is valuable and you have to write content that they may find useful.

The method

Test types of ads, placement of ads, keywords selection, and increase traffic. You need to determine which ad mix best drive revenues for your blog.

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