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Build Quality Outbound Links To Receive SEO Quality Inbound Links


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Every quality outbound link you create produces quality inbound links and supports SEO top SERPs positioning strategy. I am talking about the quality of your articles and the quality of the links within the content on your website. Your main concern should not be the search engines, but your target audience. Are you able to provide the kind of content your visitors want plus any relevant links to which they could go and find more information related to the topic?



To give you an idea, your number of links to and from your website include the inbound links, outbound links, and the internal links. Building a good mix of the three types of links is extremely powerful in enhancing your success. The most difficult is getting naturally occurring inbound links that come from an authority website.


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Tips in getting inbound links

  • Groom your social media profiles and use a keyword rich anchor text for the link back to your site
  • Review products in the Amazon to offer insights and helpful advice to consumers
  • Publish online articles to showcase your expertise
  • Post a comment on another blog and include a link back to your website
  • Get listed in directories for SEO visibility
  • Produce valuable content regularly and share the links on social media sites


Google gives matching search keywords preferential treatment

Using popular keywords for your domain, inbound links, and outbound links will make you win the battle to being included on the first page of Google’s search results in relatively short period of time. This means that starting a website needs careful planning and requires a little knowledge about SEO top SERPs positioning.



You should carefully consider the aspect of search terms and their impact on your backlinking campaign for extensive organic search engine optimization. By the way, do not create too many subdomains, just in case you are planning to create a network. Search engine will view the network as spam.


Here are some sample formats for your domain and subdomains


How your internal links help you in ranking?

Your site performance may depend on the popularity of your internal links and how you manage to distribute them. Strive to create multiple inner hot spots to create higher link juice on your inner pages and avoid dissipating your link juice as soon as you leave home page. Obviously, links are just half of the traffic battle. Try the following



Link trades

This is one of the original techniques that you may perform free or buy a blog post from related niches at the very least cost. This backlinking technique should complement the terms of your content. However, success rate is pretty slow here since most website owners pretty ignore exchange link requests. In addition, no one likes to connect links with a known competitor in the trade.


Some people also put the reciprocal links and keep it until you have verified its presence. Remember not to reciprocate links from a bad neighborhood or Google will penalize you. Stick to sites that are related to your topic and also, maintains its high quality.



Free quality backlinks

Find sites or blogs that will accept and list links without any obligation. This is a great way to improve your backlinking totals. This could be automated and more reliable than the exchange link idea.


Links are key to gaining huge traffic. The one great source of free links is directory submission. Directory submission websites feature a very brief description of your website and then link to the site. You get different kinds of traffic from directory submission websites. Many people surf there and then click on your link.


Free directory link submission websites are those that allows you to submit the URL of your blog or website without asking any fee for the privilege. However, acceptance criteria may vary.


There is also no guarantee that a directory may include your blog in their listing. One technique is to make sure that you submit your blog only to directories that would be pretty much interested in your content.



Blog directories

Blog directories organized blogs under the appropriate categories complete with description and other relevant information. The submission process is the same to those as required by directory submission sites. You cannot afford to overlook listing of your blog from popular blog directories.


The best way to look for this is to Google top rank results for blog directories. In some sites, you may be required to join membership. This is a quick and easy process for you.


Pinging blog directories

Ping is a tool you may use to notify blog directories about any updates you made on your site. It is the fastest transmission possible over the internet to notify blog directories you have a new content.


Pinging can improve your visibility, increase traffic, and send you to the top directories for blogs. Pinging can alert search engines and their spiders that you have a new content so they can crawl and check your blog for indexing.


You should ping each time you add a new content to your blog. However, if you are adding several posts in rapid succession, you may want to ping only once or better spread your posts for longer periods of time.


Directories and search engines do not favor over pinging. Use an automated tool to ping directories. Ping-O-Matic is already WordPress default pinging tool. The newest is the Pingoat. You can use the following ping sites to index your posts in short time


You may want to see where they send their pings and select the service that seems to be more complete. Make sure they do not ping to the same services.

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