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Reinvent admin: How to motivate your virtual assistant?


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Build your political network through your admin. That is true. Know your competitors style and techniques by making close associations with their admin. Let your admin relationship work for you. How do you motivate your virtual assistant?

Executives need to have a close working relationship with their admin. If you continue to keep your admin from getting involved in your business then you don’t stand much chance enjoying the fruits of your labor tomorrow in a clean bill of health. Don’t over drive yourself and don’t carry out a task that your admin can do and that you can do without. Create a guideline or a template for doing it right. Create and recognize the value of your admin and develop the full potential of your virtual assistant. When you do cross over and obtain the full confidence of your virtual assistant for admin then expect that the relationship will work more for the success of your business.

Trust or drop

Nobody would want to work for a boss who doesn’t care nor trust his admin right? Now ask yourself: Where does your admin’s loyalty lie? You should know what it is that you are supposed to do in order to have a great relationship with your admin. Know how to be effective and ask yourself: What does this role requires of me? If you cannot bring yourself to trust your admin, then there is nothing left for you to do but drop the contract and teach yourself to perform admin job enthusiastically!

Leadership and management

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In this global outsourcing era, business entrepreneurs need to redefine leadership roles and management functions. What are the characteristics of a good leader? The worst thing that you can define a leader is someone who instructs like a boss for the virtual assistant to follow. Leadership, to be effective, would mean working WITH your virtual assistant like the individual is your ally in building up your corporate success.

Leadership has always been popular but executive do not really know how to carry the task of a leader. In the context of rapid globalization and technology change, a leader needs to redefine his leadership style that would fit the culture and personality of his admin assistant. Do not say it is difficult. It is never easy to build alliance and gain the trust and support of someone who does not share your cultural values and practices. You need to drop your egoistic attitude from being a boss to being a friend. You can put a good wall between yourself and your admin BUT you need to make sure that the wall is not so thick your virtual assistant finds it difficult to reach out to you. Never put yourself in a pedestal.

People have feelings

Yes, people do have feelings. Feelings are not for you to express alone. You forget that your virtual assistant, although financially less than you are, have feelings that you need to reach out and understand. What you should do?

  • Carefully select the words or expressions you use with your admin. Remember that your admin do not share the same word choices and expressions as you do, so, it would be best to speak tactfully and respectfully as much as you can make it. I know that could be difficult for people who are use to speaking slang languages. Remember, if you hurt your virtual assistant, he will not work enthusiastically with you anymore. Later you will notice that he is always on offline status. You need to reach out if you want to succeed. This is more on attitude change than leadership.
  • Do not be brutally frank with your virtual assistant such as, “You are wasting my time.” You might not know it, the virtual assistant thinks of the same way as you were thinking. If you want to meet in the middle and be an effective leader, you need to make necessary adjustment during your first few weeks encounter. Do not expect the same treatment as any one of your kind can give you. Even then, any one of your kind may not understand you at all. Take note. Attitude change and perception is a must if you want to save on cost without stress.
  • Pay the time you spend talking and asking some things to your virtual assistant. That is the least you can do taking his time. You should be fair and just as to what you ask and the time that you took to speak. If you took time like 3 hours talking to your virtual assistant, then pay 3 hours. That is time well spent. If you continue to speak longer hours without paying the time, your virtual assistant will not be happy working for you. YOU are wasting his time. Now you know who is wasting time or not. This happens to most virtual assistants and business entrepreneurs across the world. VA’s cannot do anything about it because they need work. I am sure when they find someone who is fair in treating them they will leave you and your projects. Think of the training you spent for nothing.

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