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Reroute competitors traffic using organic search engine optimization


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How do you reroute competitor’s traffic to your site using the cost effective organic search engine optimization strategy?

Organic search engine optimization ranking strategy is critical for online store entrepreneurs and website owners who are finding ways to increase traffic and convert visitors to cash in their several online marketing ventures. Utilizing the correct organic search engine optimization techniques would help you optimize your website for monetization purposes as well as increasing your internet presence or visibility. You need to use the acceptable organic search engine optimization methods in order to increase your website ranking and avoid getting banned by major search engines. Do not use any black hat SEO techniques to gain traffic.

Website optimization

Part of the process is onsite website optimization, where you will perform some website coding, website design, content organization, and taking care of the navigation as well as web page loading issues. Website optimization includes ezine article writing, which involves keyword optimization. Keyword optimization require keyword analysis and a bit of research about the search keywords that your target market is using to search your product or service. Keyword optimization is easier using the Google External Keyword tool. The keyword optimization, keyword analysis, and keyword density monitoring are important in optimizing your articles.

Long tail keywords or short tail keywords

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It is better to use the long tail keywords if you want to achieve highly targeted traffic who are willing to buy your products online. However, if you need more traffic for page impressions and simple readership tasks, you may use the short tail keywords.


Example of short tail keywords

Search keywords


Example of long tail keywords

Organic search engine optimization ranking tips

Ezine article writing

In your organic search engine optimization SERPS positioning tactics, you need to consider exploring the power of high quality article writing. You can build your online presence by submitting articles with quality information to article submission directories. The author bio that you are going to publish in your article submission directories would constitute as part of your backlinks that would lead readers back to your website.

Publishing high quality articles in your website would also encourage other websites to link to your website. This is good for page ranking. The search engines will rank your site as important because of the quality backlinks you build from quality article writing. Your organic search engine optimization page ranking efforts would be more effective if you focus on article writing and providing quality information.

Quality article backlinks

You achieve quality article backlinks if you choose your SEO writer well. Although creativity is a must the information and tone of the article matters a lot for wider readership. Remember to always check the reputation of the site linking to you because search engines consider the PR of the other site too. Take into consideration the idea of juice sharing. If you put a to follow robot instruction on your blog, you are going to share your juice to the other website. Getting on one the top 10 on the SERPS is not easy. You need to be careful with what you do and how it affects your site as well as business reputation.

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