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Organic search engine optimization if done properly improves your online profit margin generation | Blog And Earn
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Organic search engine optimization if done properly improves your online profit margin generation


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Organic search engine optimization is the process of making your website known to prospective customers by creating an internet presence using article writing and backlinking. This may sound easy but believe me you will feel like dying when you are really in the middle of it.

What is organic search engine optimization?

Organic search engine optimization involves both onsite and offsite website optimization. This is the process of achieving targeted compelling presence with all major search engines for the sole purpose of attracting prospective customers or audience. The technique is more on website design, web content development, keyword optimization, and backlinking.

SEO is the art of getting the right traffic or audience that you want for your landing page. This means making creativity work for both search engines robots and human audience. You should not be taking any tricks when doing your SEO but follow some down to earth real world advice from people who had been gaining higher PR of 4 or 7. Decide on a clear program that would walk you to satisfying both robots and humans.

Who is your target audience?

Actually, the perfect audience is the individual who needs your product, service, or information. The best approach is to figure out who these individuals are and then write a creative extremely targeted article and message for them. Put this where they usually hang out to get information.

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How do you match target audience preference with your interest?

This is the most difficult thing. You want to write something that makes you happy but does not make money. Well, do not push on it. Spend more time on the topics that you are happy writing for consistency of voice and enthusiasm. Soon, they will come to your website or blog and notice the quality information you are providing them. The traffic you are going to build largely depends on the type of information you are publishing on your website. If you need to understand more, you can build traffic easily if you set up your website in a way that the topic is only one. Example, SEO, then you write for SEO alone and other related topics. Do not build many websites at a time. I have been through that and I assure you, it is difficult to maintain multiple sites at the same time. If you want to maintain your audience, maintain the quality of your writing, keep building your internet presence, then focus on 2 or 3 websites at a time and expand later when you already established your process.

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