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Selecting the best hosting services for your website | Blog And Earn
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Selecting the best hosting services for your website


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I would like to ask you if you are a programmer or not? Next, are you familiar with the control panel among web hosting services? Are you a beginner? If you can answer these questions, then you will know which hosting service to choose for you website and your type of skill. This is very important when you are planning to have an intensive organic search engine optimization. Most of the time you will be doing an onsite website optimization.

Maintaining a website literally means including web hosting, handling the control panel, troubleshooting, managing network resources, and keeping up to date all database management applications. If you want a smooth loading web page for more efficient SEO, then you need to choose your web hosting service well. Web hosting matters a lot when you are doing business in the internet because it specifically allows you to store your data and connect with the internet. If your host is not good, then you will have a lot of downtime headache to resolve. Downtime means money, if you are not aware of it.

Here are some problems that you might encounter when you set up a WordPress blog

  1. Like what I have encountered so many times with GoDaddy, my blog will just open a zip file instead of opening a page. This problem will just occur anytime with any of my blogs. You will not even know what causes it. It will just appear like that. The next thing you know, when you are clicking anything, a zip file for downloading will show instead of opening a page. Example, if you click all post, then a zip file for downloading will appear and not the page. I already complained this with GoDaddy but they kept on telling me that they were not able to replicate the incident. I am sure this has nothing to do with the template.
  2. Slow loading page is another problem.
  3. Page that only title will show is the worst problem.

These are my personal experiences. I am not sure the reasons as to why they occur, but really, I am not a programmer, I would not know why. Say, for example, the page that only title will show. I was not able to update this blog because I was not able to resolve the problem. GoDaddy said it was WordPress problem. I run anywhere from forums, customer service, and individuals. I was likely to give up 3 days ago. Then, a person commented on the forums that it could be the content.

In my own understanding, I was surprise why the content would cause such problem. I followed the advice anyway. I did not change the content. I retype it in MsWord and then copied and pasted to the blog. It worked!!! What the …. OMG! Although the page loading is still slow, the page was showing. I laughed. Maintaining a blog is stressful. Sometimes, like life and relationships, you have to let go then it will heal itself ha ha.

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