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SEO website development tricks


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Is your SEO effective? How do you perform marketing for market positioning?

What is the best way to raise your SERPS position? SEO has always been a mystery for me and maybe for you too. There are many factors that you need to consider for your SEO campaign and SERPS positioning.

First, is to look into the domain name. It should clearly reflect the kind of product you are using. Next, is the web hosting service provider that you are using to host your domain. This will affect downtime and the how fast your page will load. The following are the other factors that you need to consider for effective market positioning

  • How long your domain has been in existence
  • The sites that you were associated or had attached backlinks
  • Strategic tagging
  • Keyword optimization
  • Article submission to websites
  • URL submissions to directories
  • Optimization of title tags
  • Optimization of robots.txt
  • Image optimization
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Submitting to social bookmarking sites
  • Using social media sites
  • Updating of content
  • Use and installation of site map
  • Optimization using videos
  • Blogs advertising or blogs commenting
  • HTML and coding optimization
  • RSS feeds
  • Press release
  • Use of one way links
  • Optimization of hyperlinks

Search engines crawl your sites and collects information using the robots. The robots will categorize your site according to their set algorithm. The algorithms of the search engines are secret. No one could ever know or guess how robots process and decide on the data they collected. The more visitors you get, the higher would be the possibility that you can make a sale. If 1 out of 10 will click your product, then you need as many visitors as you can get to make a sale.

Why do you need organic search engine optimization?

The answer is very simple. You cannot optimize traffic and increase your profits if you do not have enough visitors coming to your site. Just imagine the percentage of this traffic that would actually click your banners or order your products on display. You need to generate huge targeted traffic to convert visitors to customers.

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Furthermore, you need to publish good content to attract both robots and humans. Content is important. The information should be targeted to your niche market. Any size of business would need optimization. Code enforcement on your website is also important to make your site spider friendly.

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