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Size matters


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Size matters – this description does not only focus on the male gender but focus on the sizes of your ads too when you do your organic search engine optimization. There are banner sizes available in the Internet Advertising Bureau or IAB. IAB displays standard sizes of banners for regularization and is observed by all internet marketers globally.

There are different formats and sizes that you can use for your banners. Make sure that it will serve your purpose and position or placement within the website. They evolved from the guidelines that a group of internet marketers worked to serve their advertising purpose. Go to the IAB site and choose which size fits your business needs and advertising plan.

Sizes depend relatively on your planned banner placements. As much as we want our ads to be displayed on strategic areas we have to limit our imagination with the cost that our pockets can afford. Choose your banner sizes well and make sure you spend only to what is necessary to create a good presence and impression for your online campaign.

Limitations of banner ads

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You are limited to the space and placement that your publishers may grant you. Banner ads creation does not mean that you are limited to create one type of shape and size of the banner only. Make the shape and size of your banner fit your purpose. Remember that the size of the banner is based on pixel. The most common size is 486 x 60 pixels. You also need to remember that the size of the banner is dictated by the memory size that your publisher may allocate to the banner.

Memory size

Banner ads add to the memory of the web page. This is the main reason that websites may limit banner ads and other forms of advertising such as images. This will limit or influence loading time of your webpage. If you want to create a banner ad that would stand out, you need to hire a creative graphics designer. Create a banner with great header and image that could grab the attention of your target market.  Size matters. So make sure that everything suits your advertising plan well. If you want a free banner, then Google for websites that allow you to create your own banner for free.

Banner sizes are extremely important issue. Check what works best with your competitors. Banners require competitive intelligence. Look over the design, sizes, and shapes of the creatives that your competitors have been using. Analyze the phrases and the designs of your competitors’ best performing banners. Write the text and the concept you would want to try experimenting and improve the quality of your creatives before releasing them to publishers.

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