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Social bookmarking for backlinking


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Social bookmarking as part of your organic search engine optimization plan helps individuals find useful relevant resources targeted to their individual field of interest. This also helps institutions and communities share information easily.

Librarians keep up with all kinds of updates through social bookmarking which helps them organize and file articles and websites for future reference. They also make it possible for patrons to browse other people’s bookmarks and makes it possible for them to discover resources they may not find using search engines.

Groups can be created within social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites can filter a group’s common interest and make available all sorts of interesting materials coming from large diverse sources. Groups may be created to share links for specific projects like articles or web design projects. So a collection could be created to represent the best works in a certain field on many subjects.

Some important features you may want to determine with bookmark managers are the type of materials or topics they bookmarked and how they allow individuals to save bookmarks. This could make the bookmarking process easier such as adding new bookmarks, using of tags, using their capability to import or export bookmarks, and determining if you are able to save both links and images of the page you are trying to bookmark. You will appreciate saving the image or PDF of the entire page especially in cases when content changes or the site vanishes.

Here’s the ultimate value of social bookmarking: the ability to share bookmarks with others in a way that instead of finding a topic on web designing from the most popular sites Google shows you, you will find the favorite resources valued by people who has the same interest and experience that you do. Shared resources kind of provide real word of mouth advertising. They are the results of the best judgments of those who have the knowledge and the experience about a certain topic. To give you an idea, you perform search when you know what you’re looking for while discovery is how you find what you didn’t know existed. Social bookmarking sites can give you more of that discovery thing.

Backlinking with social bookmarking sites

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Social bookmarking allows one way backlinking that could help increase the page ranking of your website. It allows personalization as users can completely and are free to filter search results using tags. Others could also place comment and notes to your bookmarks.

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