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The effective admin assistant


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Executives need to let admin virtual assistants do their thing their way to be effective. There is a big difference in really following out your way because each of us, in matter of time, discovers how to efficiently do our task to be more productive and effective. They are an extension of you. Virtual assistants carry on your tasks, responsibilities, and workload but they are clearly not an extension of you as a person. They are grounded by corporate rules but not personal law.

This is not a “your wish is my command thing”! It is best to meet at least 5 minutes a day for questions and approvals, like a daily catch up. Too much time spent on coaching and getting notices makes the job a bore, time consuming, and might not sound pleasant to the ears anymore. Never overdo coaching. See the progress, give tips but never overact on training.

Coaching is a matter of seeing through implementation. That is the main concept of coaching! Most business entrepreneurs strangle their virtual assistants and the relationship in their first week of interaction because they believe that they can do and perform better when they spend as high as 3 hours a day talking. This is wrong. You are already overdoing coaching.

There is no guidebook on following personality rules but there is an SOP on corporate guidelines. What keeps executives maintain better relationships with their admin is direct instruction and implementation of the work excluding personality and what they want. There should be a clear line separating personal wants and business needs. You may be seeing slow growth when you mix personality issues than progress. Stop putting yourself as a model and begin to see your admin eye to eye and how she complete things.

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Observe what she sees best, does best, and create a system that would be effective for her including forgeting your wishes for a moment. We are talking about being an effective executive and that includes giving your admin the freedom to perform her duties and tasks in a way she finds comfortable, convenient, easier and motivational. Making her a copycat restricts her from innovating work system and this could affect your effectiveness as an executive!

Copycat means you want your admin virtual assistant perform her task the way you perform things. This is wrong. You cannot tell a person how to sit and stand as you do. You give the idea. Let her pick how she wants to complete the task that would be comfortable and effective for her.

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