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The effective executive and the efficient virtual admin assistant


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Email management is a completely delegatable task that majority of executives feel is their work. Ignoring valuable admin virtual assistant resources makes your system less valuable and less effective.

Executives doing the tasks of an admin are clear waste of time. Learn to delegate what can be delegated and then meet 15 minutes each day of your work week to discuss important matters. You may focus on the context of the mails under the criteria of what is coming in and not who it’s coming from. Clearly, you need the help of your virtual assistant to filter out important corporate emails from spam and personal mails. Your admin virtual assistant can certainly do this for you.

Your inability to delegate the simplest email handling task erodes trust and may affect work relationship as well as effectiveness. CEOs must know how valuable admin virtual assistants are. They must learn how to prioritize email while they are looking at your mailbox. I repeat give training while they are sitting at their chairs, at their desk, opening your emails, and not standing at your table looking at your desktop. There is a big difference to that. Orientation should come with full hands on training to determine content samples.

Delegating is a good thing as long you know how to capture the essence of your working relationship. You can literally go anywhere and complete a lot of tasks when a virtual assistant works for you without incurring any office space rent. A virtual employee could perform and assist in your bookkeeping, editing, writing, media relations, SEO, technical and creative services, and strategic planning. What you need to do is just to be precise, clear, and friendly. Boost the strength of your bottom line.

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How do you delegate tasks?

  • Create a list of what you need to do
  • Identify what you do best
  • Determine what your VA can do best
  • Delegate as much of your activities by outsourcing
  • Free your time from time consuming tasks
  • Think of an easy way to communicate and manage things

Job description

The best approach to outsourcing is by creating detailed job description. You need to create the job description before you start searching for your VA online. You may use the job description as an ad to outsource help.

To do list

Create a to do list that is practical and achievable. Do not give your VA tasks that are hardly completed in a day. Most entrepreneurs give tasks that need multiple help. Do not do this. You set up a to do list for the week that is achievable. You will see the benefit of helping out your VA perform achievable tasks. Increase the workload when your VA improves efficiency and skills.

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