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The priority of a businessman: Money or health? Hire a virtual assistant to implement better life work balance


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The businessman’s priority has always been profit. Money… money… money… that’s how it has always been and that’s how it’s going to be in your future! This time prioritized your admin and you get more money with their help. Of course it is cheaper to outsource admin. Try the Philippines or India and find efficient virtual assistant  for a change.

Capture the essence of your admin relationship

Let your virtual assistant capture what you believe by clearly communicating your priorities. The executive or business man’s priorities and responsibilities determine everything. When I say everything, it means that it determines your relationship with your admin, determines how the admin sees you, and determines how outsourcing will work out for you and your business.

Email handling and correspondence

Let your admin filter the key issues you want to focus on and let them handle the less important emails. You need time to develop your network resources. Let your admin help you. Your charisma and your admin’s charisma are different and unique. You got your style and your admin got his style too. Tap it. Just tap it and go with the flow. This is rather good in building up your resources, allies, associates, and key relationships. If you haven’t let your admin manage your email or read your email then let him handle it now and focus on key issues and main task.

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Determining your deliverables

Deliver what you need to deliver and develop the skills and talent of your admin. Let your relationship become like a partnership. Bridge the gap. Communicate, teach, and make yourself effective by making your admin efficient! Most of all, be a friend than being a boss. Don’t you understand the meaning of teamwork? Stop being authoritative and start being a friend.

Take the relationship of a mother and child. Why do most children rebel and why do most children prefer to go out of their parent’s houses? Authority, command, order, decision making, and freedom – think of these things first before you decide to hire a virtual assistant. Are you able to control yourself from being the traditional leader and become the value based leader who is compassionate and friendly enough to reach out to your virtual assistant?

Learn more about leadership and leadership styles if you want to be successful in managing people. Do not think that money could make people follow you. It is the vision and the attitude that make leaders a real leader.

Message Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines in Twitter @ShirleyBongbong or email researchwrites at gmail dot com if you need an Arm Extension for Admin, Social Media or content writing.