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Time and relationship management: Let your virtual assistant handle a part of your life, calendar your activities!


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Relationship management within the corporate structure focuses on two things for the executive: your admin or virtual assistant and your important people list. You are to maintain the right relationship for the right people. And this could happen only if you were specifically clear on your admin’s role for you.

Do you want to continue managing your calendar and emails instead of your marketing strategy? This is a kind of a crossover role, a kind of a turnover of that little extension of you. Relationship management is about relating to others and you don’t need to handle your calendars and your emails personally.

The trick is to let your admin virtual assistant know the importance of each of your contacts. Let your admin know how to handle your calendar. And let your admin know what the organization’s priorities are. You belong to the corporate world. Your time within the company clock is one of admin’s key deliverables to effectiveness. Anything admin can do to improve efficiency is effective. In short, trust your admin can do more if you are confident in delegating tasks. Just ask yourself how much of what you can do can be done by admin or your virtual assistant.

Then transfer duties to admin virtual assistant and make it your responsibility to find a way or establish a system to monitor on things so your admin could be more effective. I had a client before who is only giving this much information for a work assignment that needs that much information. If you do things that way, your admin would never be effective. You and your admin will have a failing relationship. Working with insufficient information and tools could never make your admin effective.

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Analyzing the time that you wasted would help you feel and weigh the value of your time more. Here are some ways to track your time

  • Track how you spend your time for the week
  • Write about what happens, where you are, and how you feel
  • Clarify your benchmark for success – what is your ideal week?

These things will help you organize and achieve your ideal week. Where do you go from here? That is the famous question I keep asking myself. Where do I go from here? Allocating precious time to more money generating activities is necessary to obtain the right life and lifestyle you need to completely live a happy, comfortable life.

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