How I Found The Topic For My Blog?

How to find the best niche for your blog

If you are completely lost about which topic to blog about, you can try asking yourself what you are most passionate about. Blogging about beauty can lead to many subtopics. What I mean is that if you blog about how to stay beautiful, you would definitely also find yourself blogging about wellness. There is a strong link between nutrition, wellness, and being healthy inside-out. When you do some more research about anti aging skin care, I am pretty sure you would end up talking about diet nutrition.


Because I am separated and afraid to get old and sick living alone, I tried to stay fit and slim. In 2006, I started blogging about beauty. Today, I end up blogging about diet, weight loss, skin care, and wellness.


Having seen too many children not being able to go to school because of poverty, I started my scholarship blog in 2016. It was meant to trigger some action, and help these children find their way to getting an education without paying their tuition.


Last year, I got tired managing too many blogs that I decided to create one blog with all my research and content in it. But then, I created one more winner, which is the skin care and the weight loss blog. I really love these two!


How to make money from your blog and what to blog about


Finding a topic may not be that difficult if you only think about what you are passionate writing. If you are completely lost about what you want to write, then maybe you can identify experiences or unique conditions of some people and to which you can offer valuable solutions.


Don’t you know that it is easier to monetize a tightly focused blog? Start with one topic and add later when you find another idea to blog about.



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Starting a blog won’t give you money overnight. You have to do hard work and increase website traffic before you earn a cent from Adsense. You should understand that making money with a website, especially if you totally depend on clicks from content, such as Adsense, requires high quality, very informative content to gain some traction.


It would be easier to make money with your website, if you

Do not change your URL over time

Do not change your niche topic over time


My greatest mistake? I changed URL’s as often as I changed my dress. Yes, laugh. Start a blog with just one topic and take it from there. Making internet money this way is more possible, than jumping one URL to another URL.

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