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Create A Valuable Proposition For Your Blog


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A unique value proposition can help you make money blogging online. Regardless of your niche, you know that there is always someone bigger than you are. If you do not offer a valuable proposition, it would be quite difficult to get a steady income stream for your blog. People will only notice you if you have a strong value proposition, but how do you design it?


Creating a business approach can be overwhelming for a regular blogger. If you really want to earn, you have to take care of your revenue model, which is your blog! Don’t worry about changing your business model, it is part of searching.


Today, countless innovative business models are fast emerging, not to mention the many spam sites making its way to the top again. There is what we call as reinventing themselves. How do you make sure the audience likes what they found on your site?


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The blog has its own dynamics that you can use as a bleeding edge model in an intensely competitive landscape. Design and redesign your business model, but don’t forget to come with a good value proposition.


Invent one and then systematically reinvent and design your value proposition. Turn your visionary ideas into a game changing business model that can make you good money online.


People often prefer simple than complex value propositions. Simplicity commands attention, easier to understand, and does not need a calculator to derive the value. Plainly define your unique value proposition and sell your clear cut benefits.



How to best compete as a newbie blogger?

I advise you compete with your remarkable but simple to understand value proposition. Create a value proposition that is strong enough to raise your conversion rates. Where do you start?


Determine how your blog can help solve your audience problems or issues. Explain how it can improve their situation. Specify the specific benefits and let them understand why they should buy from you or even visit your blog. If you get it right, it will be a huge boost in ad sales.


The value of your brand or blog, must be communicated using the social media channels, because people usually hang out there. You can boost your brand image by tweeting, posting, and blogging more about your topic. Don’t you know that Southwest Airlines adopted this strategy?


Southwest Airlines has effectively highlighted the airline’s fun loving personality and culture that over the years, efficiently enhanced the positive brand image of the company. It has over 2 million followers in Twitter.



Blogging for communication

Blogging is an excellent way to disseminate information about your product, service, or opinion. It can bring your thoughts across the globe without borders, especially if your post gets shared through the social media network. If used correctly, blogging can effectively share any published information as well as improve a corporate’s brand image and reputation.


Blogging is a form of interpersonal communication and is the most effective way to optimize your public relations strategy. Having a blog in an inexpensive and fun way to share your thoughts and interact with the world.


Here is one tip. If you are able to find at least five advertisers who would pay you to blog about their products or services through your blog, that would be a very good source of income online.



Blogs create a buzz. The buzz and the blog can go viral anytime. This is a better way to attract potential customers than doing cold calling. The blog builds an emotional tie between you and your visitors.


You can make it more appealing and compelling by creating a video that may go viral. You can use YouTube for this. Videos allow easy expression of ideas.



Promoting your blog and brand

Writing relevant articles and creating videos are the best methods to promote your brand. This can bring in new audiences anytime. Once your blog is up and running, you won’t be able to go online without, directly or indirectly, representing your brand or blog. So, be very careful about what you do or say online.


Blogging helps you increase your network. You can interact with your readers and build an alliance with the other bloggers.


You, as an independent content creator can put ideas directly in front of interested people. In the marketing world, interaction and engagement are two very important things in promoting your brand.


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