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How To Make Money Blogging Videos On YouTube?


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make money video blogging at youtubeVideo blogging, as one best way to make money blogging, is commonly referred to as vlog, which is one way of creating a conversational content through video blogging. The video blog is the easiest way to make money blogging by combining and cutting recordings into one embedded video. The most popular channel for video blogging is the YouTube. Most of the time, it is supported with text, images, and other forms of data.


This web based strategy of disseminating information allows easy syndication of the content. The video blogging started its popularity in 2005 with over 65,000 new uploads every day and over 100 million views daily. As you may have realized, the social media and the web based communication channels and technologies provide a wide array of social opportunities that could enhance the way business entrepreneurs market their products as well as helping individuals address social isolation.


YouTube video blogging

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The quickest way to start is to use the kind of camera or mobile phone you own now and then take it from there. As you go, you will learn how to get good angles and focus. When you have already gathered ideas of what you need to produce a better video, then you can always upgrade or buy a new camcorder.


A laptop with built in camera is a decent option to create a very basic video journal. However, because it is fixed to your laptop, you may find your mobility a bit limited. If you tend to shoot on the go, laptop cameras are least likely to be convenient.


USB web cameras separate from the computer may not have a good resolution and difficult to handle because they are tethered to a computer. This means changing camera angles or rove about is more of a challenge than ease of use. The digital still camera shoots images and videos with sound. The image may vary in quality from basic to HD.


For cost and portability, this option is the cheapest way to keep a personal journal. Please remember that digital still cameras often lack sound quality and even image quality. However, this leaves plenty of potential to make money on YouTube. You may want to buy a tripod for easier recording.



Is video blogging difficult?

The vlog is the easiest way to market your product and earn money online. The tools you need to create a video journal or video blog are minimal. A video can be recorded using one take or cut into multiple parts using your mobile phones, handy cam or camcorders, and camera with video features.


The most popular video sharing site to date is the YouTube. Another popular video channel is the Vimeo. The Vimeo has been consistently improving their video offers and features to allow bloggers to earn from the tip jar.


Video blogging is not that difficult, although you may find it quite awkward speaking in front of a camera at first on your own. In video blogging, you are given the opportunity to express yourself and share your ideas in a whole new way. You can sit down, go outside, and talk about anything.


You can watch the famous vloggers in YouTube and learn from them. The most subscribed rants and vlogs are those created by young vloggers. These young video bloggers are funny and creative in their content. Definitely, your social talent has a way to gain you fans and money online!


cherry mobile make money blogging videos


What is the cheapest higher megapixel mobile phone you can use to record videos or use for video blogging?

At the price of PHP7,500, I would recommend the OTG Cherry Mobile Magnum S. You can use this to record videos with an OTG extension. Its rear camera is 18 MP while its front camera is 8 MP. I am using this as my secondary video camera. I am happy with the videos I produced outside. This is good for beginners.


You can buy a high end DSLR camera later. The camcorders come in a variety of sizes. They can be palm sized with larger memories that give you the option and ease to record large HD videos to a memory card or direct to an external USB memory bank.


The high end camcorders allow you to adjust the image and sound to your required size, volume, or speed. You can record with a camcorder anywhere. There are many new units now that give a better grip for longer recording. The Canon Vixia gives a full 8 hours of continuous recording.


What can you say about this? Is this video blogging opportunity getting your interest? Video blogging inspires originality of content including the background.


How to apply as a YouTube Partner?

Did you know that YouTube is the second most visited site on the web? How do you make money video blogging on YouTube? You can sell targeted advertising, offer paid product reviews, create information videos, create training videos, or just vlog and get a revenue share deal from Google Adsense through their YouTube Partner Program.


This monetization opportunity is offered free by Google. You can create awesome videos and work on getting your perfect loyal audience. Marketing is about publishing great content. If you think that you can make an informative, entertaining vlog, then go for it!


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