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Virtual Assistant for organic search engine optimization article writing


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If you think, you are ready to take the challenge of the internet and make money out of the opportunities offered by it, then start hiring a virtual assistant who could help you with your article writing and organic search engine optimization SEO tasks. Research Writes writing services is ready to perform research for your product review and product description articles. Gain traffic and make a sale. It would be easier to convert highly qualified leads that are truly refined by your search terms selection than just any traffic who is not so interested in buying your product. Learn how to achieve higher page rank writing fresh content that contains much information about your product. Information is crucial in gaining loyal readers and obtaining wide readership.

The importance of hiring a VA for SEO keyword selection

Virtual assistants play a good role in your keyword selection and search engine optimization ranking campaign. The game of SEO has always been keyword selection and finding the correct metrics that would suit your niche.

The idea is to never let go of your site beyond 6 months without checking the appropriateness of your search keywords list. Make sure they are still appropriate and are being repeated reasonably in strategic places. If you focus into SERPS positioning, then you should check your keywords periodically. The search behavior and browsing trends of your target market may change in time. Keyword analysis is important for search engine optimization SEO to identify the search terms that your readers are currently using. Competitive webmastering and effective search marketing could be delegated to your virtual assistant.

Selecting your search keywords is not difficult if you know what metrics to follow and how to use the tools for keyword selection. Here are some tips to follow that may help you identify the best keyword for you

  • Take an informal survey
  • Use the Google Adwords Keywords Tool
  • Capitalize on competitor’s work
  • Use Alexa to know which keywords are actually delivering traffic to your visitors
  • Spend a few bucks on PPC
  • Keywords search across databases

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You might want to experiment on overlooked and underutilized search keywords. You may be able to get clicks the cheaper way with Adwords using this trick. Your pages could be optimized using the theory that overlooked keywords are easier to rank in the search engines. This is especially true during the first stages of your onsite and off site website optimization.


Message Shirley Bongbong Virtual Assistant Philippines in Twitter @ShirleyBongbong or email researchwrites at gmail dot com if you need an Arm Extension for Admin, Social Media or content writing.