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What is SEO?


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SEO is an art and a technique that you use to make your URL or website known to major search engines and target audience. It is the process of capturing the essence of your niche topic and sharing the idea to your niche market with the absolute blessing and proper categorization of the robots.

The process consists of the following

  • Writing articles with SEO keyword optimization
  • Website design
  • Web content organization and layout
  • Control of page loading and navigation
  • Building an internet presence
  • Branding
  • Reputation building
  • Crafting your image
  • Article submission
  • Social media sites participation
  • Blog posting
  • Forum posting
  • Directory submission
  • Search engine submission
  • Backlinking

The things here may sound easy to do but believe me I am likely to die when I started writing and then go straight to posting and backlinking. I haven’t completed the process yet. It is kind of like my energy will go down from ten to zero in a day. It is not easy to earn money yeah?

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There are two things that you need to understand about SEO. They are the onsite website optimization and the offsite website optimization. The onsite website optimization consists of navigation, layout, themes, organization, content, keywords, website design, and meta tags or description. Offsite website optimization literally refers to the network of links that you were able to build that will direct audience back to your site. This is usually done by submitting articles with anchor text to article submission directories.

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How do you steal traffic from other websites?

Stealing traffic could be done by massive building of quality backlinks. This would lead targeted traffic to your site. How do you do this? The process is very simple and I have already said it. Submit articles to article submission directory with selected keywords and link them back to your site. This idea sounds fair and easy. Try to do one thing at a time, one website at a time because you will be overwhelmed with your SEO efforts soon and you will encounter disappointments in some situations. Trust me SEO is challenging, frustrating, but money generating technique.

This process aims to achieve compelling presence that you would sometimes confuse it with the concept of branding. The compelling presence is targeted to the niche audience of the product or website you are trying to develop. The main idea is to make major search engines index your site, love your site, and categorize your website as to how you want the website be seen by your target audience.

What are the best techniques that most internet marketers used to create a compelling presence?

Nothing beats article writing. You write the article, craft the writing style, and boom you got your target audience in front of you. Keyword research is vital to market domination. However, market domination is just a goal that sometimes becomes a myth if you are not keen on the behavior of your market.

SEO actually is the process of achieving the right audience for your website to generate sales and online outright conversion of your website visitors. The approach is more on your website design and layout spiced up with compelling titles. Capture the attention of the robots and the human traffic and generate money from your website.

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