Why The Interest In Blogging?

Your Blog Is Your Multiple Page Resume!

I was not really thinking about making money blogging when I started mine in November 2006. I did not even know about keywords and search engine optimization at that time. What I need is a platform where I can publish my interest and research about beauty and anti aging treatments.


I do not want to keep my notes in my desk drawer, so I started with Blogspot and WordPress. Unfortunately, my blog got terminated by WordPress, because they do not allow blog monetization.




Each day I look at my blog and my blogger friends’ blogs, I totally got crazy writing and looking for the cutest theme on the internet. A few months after, I bought my first domain and applied to Adsense.


At that time, Adsense was a pay per click ad, but I was able to gain some traffic with the help of my blogger friends. They were so good in link building through blog commenting. And yes, I miss those days, sigh again!


Today, as I edited some of the articles, I could cry in shame. My English was so funny. Indeed, it is very different with how I write today.


If you just write one article a day, you will really improve your English, grammar, and writing style over time. So, do not get discouraged if you do not write well today. Blogging is not a competition.




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You write what you like to write and improve over time. I think everyone should blog to improve their written communication skills. Today, blogging is a very common thing to do.


In fact, having a blog and you personally writing your blog posts is one of the requirements of some recruiters, especially big corporations that are into social media advertising.


Your blog can be your multiple page resume and your employer’s search engine marketing tool, so make it dynamic. Your employer would want to know who you are and what you are about. Your blog can be a good way to read about you and your outlook in life!


Blog as resume


When you blog, you document your thoughts and ideas, especially your research and interest. Create your PR machine. Create a blog and start writing.


Does not matter if you suck in writing now. Practice makes perfect. Start a blog and make money from home soon.


Search engine optimizing can come later. If you are new to blogging, just focus first on your writing and your topics. SEO optimization may come later, when you already produce high quality content.


One trick is to read the search engine optimization companies blog. They do teach a lot about search engine marketing. Learn from the experts and follow their tips about online marketing later when you are already confident you have improved the quality of your writing and content.

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