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Will Ping increase traffic? Define the role of Ping in organic search engine optimization


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Ping is the technique used by most blogger to inform search engines and blog directories that you posted or published a new entry on your blog with the hope to increase web traffic. As an entrepreneur and a blogger, you need to understand the concept of pinging. This means learning how it works and how it helps you increase traffic.  What is the role of Ping in organic search engine optimization?

Pinging sites means telling those listed ping sites that you have updated your blog. It serves as a notification that their spiders need to go to your site and index the new content. Each ping site service operates differently. Some simply list or update blogs by including new posts in their list or create connections between blogs. Ping is important in helping you create an internet presence. Ping a site means using traffic software that could help inform major search engines to send in their robots and index your site. This is the best and simplest way to facilitate and automate notifications to major search engines.

This is the most cost effective technique to get notice by search engines and other blog directories, increase traffic, and help you obtain higher website ranking. This is how your blog gets notice by search engines. Ping-O-matic is the most popular pinging service that is also used as default ping service by WordPress blogging platform. Ping-O-matic pings popular sites and other known specialized sites. This is the best way to get constant exposure on several RSS service sites.

The ping sites could help you get to the top of the updated blog list, increase traffic, and improve website visibility. You should ping a site each time you update your blog. But, if you are adding post in succession, you may consider sending pings once a day or spread your posts over a longer period of time for the day. Posting in succession and pinging in succession are not favored by search engines, directories, or blog services. They might think you were spamming.

Ping a site and increase traffic. Here is the best way. Select which site you are going to include in your list. There are so many directories that you might want to make a submission. You can manually register to these directories each day and increase your quality backlinks. Article distribution could be a good way to increase your visibility too. Article writing is the most popular viral marketing strategy among entrepreneurs who understand the value of information dissemination.

You may consider having to manually ping your blog with these sites

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In organic search engine optimization, you must find several ways to get noticed by major search engines. It is just like a woman trying to increase bust size to get notice by a man. That is how important it is if you want to earn money online.

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