Cannot Access My 12 Year Old WordPress Website

Wordpress Blog Issues and Problems

Yesterday, it was like OMG, I am unable to access my Shirley Bongbong website. It says “something went wrong in file write. 500 Internal Server Error. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by …blah blah on wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1210.”


I was surprised because I did not touch anything there for many months. So, I thought maybe some of the plugins changed and made it worked bad. I deleted some of the plugins and voila….


Unfortunately, it was not a successful attempt to trouble shoot. Have you tried this?


It really frustrates me to know I am unable to solve some technical problems. I do not even know why it gotten this way.


I even updated it to the recent WordPress version yesterday right from the hosting dashboard. Actually, that was my last attempt.


Today, I have to delete the folder and uninstall to clean it. Then, install it again.


Isn’t that magical? In one click, with just one click you lost all your files and content for 12 years. I hate magic, but what can I do?


Wordpress Blog Issues and Problems


Can somebody make me understand why a blog would suddenly get a 500 error and file write issues?


I can practically feel my blood rushing to my head. I am stressed! This terrible feeling I get plus the anxiety in my morning makes me act like grrrrr


And because I do not know anything about website coding, here I am starting my life again in the internet after 12 years of existence since 2006. Oh life!

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