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Work life balance using virtual assistants to handle your website content development and SEO


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Indulging personal preferences over the organization

What are your deliverables? This is a matter of getting things done by doing the right thing! And this is a matter of changing from unmasked efficiency to effectiveness mindset. Align and collaborate with your admin. Aren’t you familiar with scratched my back and I’ll scratch yours? Your relationship with your admin is critical. Leverage that relationship.

Delegate and push things to admin. Coach, gather feedback and be effective! You get the best possible administrative assistant money can buy and delegate. It would be better to get in trouble with your admin task and not for anything else. Pay a little bit more. Admin might teach you a few things too. There are executives who want the best quality at the lowest price. You want high reliable workmanship try paying higher rates too. Admin helps out of loyalty and this is a huge value in your organization.

Maybe you will know by now how important admin is for the executive. You can even ask her to do a little time stretching when you are on field and needs assistance online. Things change when you will be traveling and it would be a delight to bring an admin on board. Admin definitely keeps bosses updated and their work areas clean.

Admin and virtual assistant

Hiring virtual assistants is the new trend for maintaining admin. Most executives find maintaining their work life balance easier if the hire and outsource some administrative functions to virtual assistants. Home based secretaries are cheaper too compared with in-house admin assistants.

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What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a worker whom you can outsource or delegate some of your admin functions and work for you remotely. The virtual assistant can do multiple task and skilled enough to complete your assignments according to set deadlines. Some of the tasks are personal assistance, bookkeeping, answering phone calls, and customer service. At present, more internet marketers are utilizing the services of a virtual assistant for backlinking and other SEO services. To save from cost and make sure that your SEO process is safe, most people prefer to hire a virtual assistant with monthly fees. It is better to train someone and work for long term. Knowing the ins and outs of the business is crucial to success.

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