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How To Craft An Engaging Content And Make Money Blogging?


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engaging-contentThe best way to make money blogging is to create an engaging content by focusing firmly on how you can help your customers. You might have known that lately, strong arm marketing techniques have been losing their impact because of heavy self-promotion. Internet marketing has evolved over the years.


Potential customers wanted information not advertising. Learn to be receptive on how you integrate your marketing in your valuable content. Obviously, the right content will get you found over the internet. Learn how to empathize with your readers.


Give your readers valuable content and gain a following at the same time. You do not need to be a genius to create one post. You only have to choose your sources well, curate the content, deliver the idea, connect with your audience, and publish the information without extensive thinking. Do not just create content because you want to sell. Definitely, this kind of strategy does not work in this modern time anymore.

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Helpful content stands out

Provide the type of information your target audience is seeking. This technique can help you grow your blog and attract more customers. If a visitor thinks he hasn’t found what he is looking for, he will just click back and exit your website. Having a valuable content allows you to be found in a wave of noisy competitors. Not only your readers would love you for helping them, but the search engines would want to index your site every now and then because you have valuable content.


Well written articles can help you build relationships and connect by engaging your customers. Buyers do appreciate educational, meaningful, valuable content. About 80% of buying decisions came as a result of a series of articles rather than advertisement. About 61% confirmed they feel closer to the company or website that delivers the valuable, engaging content.



Creating an engaging killer blog post

Before you start blogging, please define your purpose, learn to categorize and tag each post, don’t overthink, and learn to write the way you speak. The heart of your blog is your content, which means, what you say is more important than the way it looks like. Consider creating a meatier post or a less serious post in a variety of topics that is related to your theme. Most of all, try to connect strongly with your audience through the use of natural, engaging language.


Make sure that you wisely arrange the flow of your ideas in the content and speak directly to the reader in a way that is individualistic and compelling. The reader will know if you are sincere and fully engaged or involved with your topic. If you seem indifferent, then the writing may lack its purpose and results in a lesser user engagement. The trick is to love what you write and present your ideas in an easy flowing, pleasant steady beat, with less spelling and grammar errors.


Create your story

Haven’t you observed it yet? Most people remember stories and jingles (music). Out of the story and the jingle, they remember the facts. It is really challenging to create a content that could set your writing apart. However, you can use the storytelling approach and make your story and your updates more memorable. Within your story, learn how to incorporate your ideas and your facts.


engaging-content-1The reader will remember things easily this way. You can recount your experience, pull stories across the internet, or paraphrase the experience of others as though they are your own. Grab a story from your own experience to make it sound more real.


Make a story that impacts the emotions and thoughts of your audience. Create a compelling, concise, and clear story that you believe in and don’t worry much about what people think.


Make a killer headline

The attention span of a person is only about 8 to 12 seconds. Your headline or title of the article should be compelling enough to gain their interest within that attention span. Putting an effort in creating great, interesting titles can make your reader not only click and read your content, but also share your content. However, don’t neglect your keywords in your title because it will make it stay in the search engines for long.


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